About Us


The BG for the three B's...Birthing, Breastfeeding & Bonding.


Ever ask "what am I going to wear"?

If you're having a baby, my advice as  a  nurse and Lactation Consultant is,

          Do not wear the old worn out hospital gown

Hello, my name is Cindy and I have been a Labor and Delivery nurse and Lactation Consultant for 36 years.   I really do know from delivering over 5000 babies, and helping to breastfeed thousands more that the hospital gown does not promote 

birthing, breastfeeding or bonding!.

In 2009 a gal came  to my birth center and wore her favorite maternity dress.  This was her first baby and she rocked her birth!!  She looked great, walked the halls and had a beautiful birth experience. 

Only problem was her favorite dress got in the way.

 That was my “ah-ha moment!”  and I set out to create a gown that could work around our medical equipment, and at the same time be so pretty, a woman would want to wear this dress at home.  A few months later, the BG Birth & Breastfeeding Gown was born!

The BG  is the only designer hospital gown on the market to receive the prestigious US Utility Patent.

The BG has been recognized as Product of the Year. 

BG + Company is a Woman Owned Business and is Made in the USA, in Brooklyn, New York.

BG + Company is proud to have achieved a  corporate alliance with the Planetree Corporation, in it's efforts to improve the patient experience.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At BG & Co., we are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of body and mind by offering products that provide a world of comfort for every woman during her healthcare experience.

From pregnancy to post partum, we are committed to creating, sourcing and providing only products with medically proven benefits.

Our team at BG understands a woman's need to approach life with a sense of style and to ensure all of our products fulfill a purpose.  To that end, BG &Co. is creating the softer touch for a woman's  healthcare experience.


Our Goal is your birthing, breastfeeding and bonding happiness.